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Daily Schedule


Fifth Grade Classroom Schedule


8:25-8:45-      Attendance/Morning Meeting

8:45-10:05-   Math (Whole class and Guided)

10:05-10:20- Recess

10:20-12:00- Language Arts/Reading

12:00-12:45- Recess/Lunch

12:45-1:30-   Mon./Tues.-Library, Wed./Th./Fri.-Response to Intervention (Our time to work on skills that need to be improved.) 

1:30-2:15-      Science/History 

2:15-3:00-      Mon./Tues.-Electives, Th./Fri.- P.E.

3:00-3:10-      Clean-up and get ready to go home   (M.,T.,Th.,F.)


*Please Note: Wednesdays continue to be our 2:10 release time.